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Lot of console gamers had a hard time choosing from these 2 gaming consoles. To give you some clear insights about these devices. Here are a summary of what you can expect when you purchase what ever your heart desire.

In terms of technology, the Nintendo supports 3D gaming which is a unique feature in the gaming industry specially for hand-held consoles. Not to mention 3DS devices are also dual-display while the VITA sports a OLED display similar to what is used on popular smartphones and monitor.

In terms of processing power, the obvious winner is the PS Vita which is powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor with clock speed of 800-1000MHz while on the other hand, the 3DS console is only equipped with a dual-core processor. So the winner for the cpu speed is definitely the PS VITA.

Graphics wise, VITA still shines on this showdown where it used PowerVR SGX543MP4+ that can process 33 million polygons/sec compared to the single-core GPU of Nintendo 3DS.

Regarding memory of the system which is commonly known as RAM. The PS Vita is still the winner with 512MB of RAM compared to 128MB of the Nintendo device.

For storage, this where Nintendo 3DS device excel as it can used external storage aside from its 2GB internal memory. PS vita don’t have internal and it requires PS vita card to play your favorite game. Not to mention that you can also purchase your favorite games in the Nintendo eshop store using Nintendo eshop gift cards. These feature is available for all the 3DS line-up as well as Wii U and the latest gaming system which is the Nintendo Switch. I think this is one of the most important hardware that gaming console or system must consider, yet PlayStation opt not to give users the chance to get a good built-in storage for their device. You need to buy their PS vita card which will costs you 4GB for $20, 8GB for $30, 16GB for $60, and 32GB for $100, respectively.

Let me know if this article help you decide which one you will buy. I have both system, they have their own weaknesses and strengths. It’s up to you how you will use and enjoy the device on its full potential. Sometimes it is not on the hardware, rather on the game titles that you choose to play. Thanks for reading my gaming rumbling and see you on my next article.