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AreĀ  you planning to build a gaming pc? do you have enough knowledge to determine what kind of specifications that you will buy? If not then I can help you build a gaming computer.

First thing is your budget, depending on your budget we can come up with a perfect deal that will not go over your target budget.

Second question that is very important, what type of games are you playing? or what game titles to be exact? Not all games are similar some would required higher specifications to run smoothly. The most important hardware peripherals that can affect the smoothness of a game are the processor, graphics card, memory, and the type of drives that you will use to hold the game files. Those 4 are the most priority.

You must choose a processor that is multi threaded or multi-cores such as Intel i5 . This processor is powerful enough to run games that doesn’t require high graphics such as League of Legends, and other first person shooting games online. But if you are let’s say DOTA 2 player then you really need to have a dedicated graphics card such as GTX 1050 Ti for medium to high settings, or GT1030 if you are on the budget side. Then be sure to purchase at least 8GB to 16GB of DDR4 memory. These is enough to handle most demanding games released in the market. Lastly, the drive I suggest purchasing a solid state drive where you can install the operating system and some of your games. Do not buy 128/120GB SSD, go with at least 256GB of 512GB if you have extra money to burn. It is really worth it and your system will become rock solid and can lasts for several years without the need to reformat every now and then because your system files will be safe from corruption because of certain elements and factors such as temperature, power outage, bumps with your system case, and etc.