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Cooling system is a must for gaming PC specially for desktop because the processor gets really hot when the system need to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Processors will try to reach its maximum performance, thus generating more heat in the process and if not properly cooled could potentially harm your system.

I’m sure there’s already news about water-cooled gaming laptop but not so popular as of today. I’ve seen before, to be specific the Asus ROG GX700VO gaming laptop. Now the question which is better for desktop set-up?

First you must know the pros and cons of each cooler. Air-type coolers are much easier to install and they are bound to last as long are the fans/exhaust fans are working in pristine condition. The chance of having failure to this kind of set-up is very minimal as long as you can see the fans whether in push or pull configurations are working, then your computer is safe. These type of coolers are also affordable and would just costs you as less than as $20 up to $150 for the most awesome air cooling tower for your computer.

On the other hand, water cooling system are aesthetically good-looking, quieter than air cooler, and can match even the tower cooler in terms of cooling capacity. The drawbacks that I can see is that even on maintenance free or DIY kits, there’s still a chance of these cooler to have a leakage which can potentially damage the whole component. Another thing is the price for these coolers is way more expensive compared to air cooler, but then again can give your PC a new look and feel that every visitors will appreciate. Lastly, for beginners they can be troublesome to install, but as long you are reading and following the manual then you can avoid problems in the future.