Gaming Strategies

Mobile legends is a game for tacticians and strategist, would you agree? I definitely agree because if you don’t have strategist or plans on how to defend and fight at your own. For sure you will be just a burden to your team mates, resulting to an earlier lose or defeat. During the picking stage, 5 players will be asked to choose their hero, my question is what role do you pick usually? are you the heavy damager, tanker, support, mage, finisher or assassin, fighter or initiator? Let’s discuss these roles one by one.

Tanker – These heroes take the beating while the marksman kill the enemies. Your ultimate goal is to be able to tank as much as damage as you can. There are tanker that can also deal decent damage at the same time.

Marksman – These are long range heroes that must be protected at all costs. They are squishy and can easily died that’s why staying at the back or having escape mechanism to ensure their survival.

Assassin – These heroes are the ones who will complete the unfinished job by marksman. You see those heroes running for their lives while the marksman dealth huge damage to their HP? Let the assassin do what it does best, that is to kill!

Mage/Support – These heroes are also squishy and must be protected by fighter and tanker to support the whole team. They can do AOE damage which is really beneficial to the team plus some have special buffs and heals to ensure the team’s survival.

Fighter/Initiator – These heroes can take some beating from opponents but their main role is basically initiate a fight together with the tank. Remember even if you have the most durable tank if it got nuke by 5 enemies. It will surely die.

I love tank roles in Mobile Legends, and I already bought all the tank heroes including the latest and one of the cutest tank named JawHead. Diamonds in the game is not really hard to get specially if you are aware that there are ways to get free mobile legends diamonds  without actually buying using your PayPal or credit card or whatever payment options you are using. These tips and tricks are valid as they like what you see in YouTube some sort of giveaways that in order for you to get your rewards the individuals in charge would require you to do some easy tasks first in exchange for your rewards. At least you didn’t have to pay for it, just a couple of minutes work and you are good to go.