Computer Gaming

These debate is never ending discussion in the technology forums, groups, and blogsĀ  where Intel fanboys and AMD fanatics keeps on explaining their each opinion. Yes there’s no problem with that, and that’s good actually so that these tech giants who design and develop processors will know where they can improve based from user feedback and suggestions.

Comparing the two is like comparing Android to iOS. It’s just a matter of preference, yes there are generations of Intel processors that are far way behind AMD’s built-in graphics which is powered by APU processors, but as Intel continuously develop processors they have found a way how to create a chip with great capabilities for gaming purpose like the Kabylake processors.

I have used AMD and Intel graphics before, but as their technology constantly improve you can’t say that this one is great all over the years or say it as general as you will definitely become biased without knowing the real score between them. That’s why there are benchmarks or scoring for this kind of technology, plus the user feedback where they can share the pros and cons, improvements of the product, costs saving, pricing per value, and many more. Those are just few of the many factors.

Before when you are on the budget size, you can always go through the AMD route, but as again because of their latest discoveries and updates with their product. Now the pricing become much similar, making hard decision for the consumers. On the other hand, you can’t always says that Intel is superior with AMD, specially with the recent announcements and released of their newest multi-core processors that can compete toe to toe with Intel’s flagship processors.

Again, it still depends on your preference. From the budget, to the looks of the system if you are purchasing laptop, added features, and so on. Be sure to read or watch unboxing videos and detailed reviews online and you will never go wrong.