Mobile legends is a game for tacticians and strategist, would you agree? I definitely agree because if you don’t have strategist or plans on how to defend and fight at your own. For sure you will be just a burden to your team mates, resulting to an earlier lose or defeat. During the picking stage, 5 players will be asked to choose their hero, my question is what role do you pick usually? are you the heavy damager, tanker, support, mage, finisher or assassin, fighter or initiator? Let’s discuss these roles one by one.

Tanker – These heroes take the beating while the marksman kill the enemies. Your ultimate goal is to be able to tank as much as damage as you can. There are tanker that can also deal decent damage at the same time.

Marksman – These are long range heroes that must be protected at all costs. They are squishy and can easily died that’s why staying at the back or having escape mechanism to ensure their survival.

Assassin – These heroes are the ones who will complete the unfinished job by marksman. You see those heroes running for their lives while the marksman dealth huge damage to their HP? Let the assassin do what it does best, that is to kill!

Mage/Support – These heroes are also squishy and must be protected by fighter and tanker to support the whole team. They can do AOE damage which is really beneficial to the team plus some have special buffs and heals to ensure the team’s survival.

Fighter/Initiator – These heroes can take some beating from opponents but their main role is basically initiate a fight together with the tank. Remember even if you have the most durable tank if it got nuke by 5 enemies. It will surely die.

I love tank roles in Mobile Legends, and I already bought all the tank heroes including the latest and one of the cutest tank named JawHead. Diamonds in the game is not really hard to get specially if you are aware that there are ways to get free mobile legends diamonds  without actually buying using your PayPal or credit card or whatever payment options you are using. These tips and tricks are valid as they like what you see in YouTube some sort of giveaways that in order for you to get your rewards the individuals in charge would require you to do some easy tasks first in exchange for your rewards. At least you didn’t have to pay for it, just a couple of minutes work and you are good to go.

Are  you planning to build a gaming pc? do you have enough knowledge to determine what kind of specifications that you will buy? If not then I can help you build a gaming computer.

First thing is your budget, depending on your budget we can come up with a perfect deal that will not go over your target budget.

Second question that is very important, what type of games are you playing? or what game titles to be exact? Not all games are similar some would required higher specifications to run smoothly. The most important hardware peripherals that can affect the smoothness of a game are the processor, graphics card, memory, and the type of drives that you will use to hold the game files. Those 4 are the most priority.

You must choose a processor that is multi threaded or multi-cores such as Intel i5 . This processor is powerful enough to run games that doesn’t require high graphics such as League of Legends, and other first person shooting games online. But if you are let’s say DOTA 2 player then you really need to have a dedicated graphics card such as GTX 1050 Ti for medium to high settings, or GT1030 if you are on the budget side. Then be sure to purchase at least 8GB to 16GB of DDR4 memory. These is enough to handle most demanding games released in the market. Lastly, the drive I suggest purchasing a solid state drive where you can install the operating system and some of your games. Do not buy 128/120GB SSD, go with at least 256GB of 512GB if you have extra money to burn. It is really worth it and your system will become rock solid and can lasts for several years without the need to reformat every now and then because your system files will be safe from corruption because of certain elements and factors such as temperature, power outage, bumps with your system case, and etc.

Lot of console gamers had a hard time choosing from these 2 gaming consoles. To give you some clear insights about these devices. Here are a summary of what you can expect when you purchase what ever your heart desire.

In terms of technology, the Nintendo supports 3D gaming which is a unique feature in the gaming industry specially for hand-held consoles. Not to mention 3DS devices are also dual-display while the VITA sports a OLED display similar to what is used on popular smartphones and monitor.

In terms of processing power, the obvious winner is the PS Vita which is powered by a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor with clock speed of 800-1000MHz while on the other hand, the 3DS console is only equipped with a dual-core processor. So the winner for the cpu speed is definitely the PS VITA.

Graphics wise, VITA still shines on this showdown where it used PowerVR SGX543MP4+ that can process 33 million polygons/sec compared to the single-core GPU of Nintendo 3DS.

Regarding memory of the system which is commonly known as RAM. The PS Vita is still the winner with 512MB of RAM compared to 128MB of the Nintendo device.

For storage, this where Nintendo 3DS device excel as it can used external storage aside from its 2GB internal memory. PS vita don’t have internal and it requires PS vita card to play your favorite game. Not to mention that you can also purchase your favorite games in the Nintendo eshop store using Nintendo eshop gift cards. These feature is available for all the 3DS line-up as well as Wii U and the latest gaming system which is the Nintendo Switch. I think this is one of the most important hardware that gaming console or system must consider, yet PlayStation opt not to give users the chance to get a good built-in storage for their device. You need to buy their PS vita card which will costs you 4GB for $20, 8GB for $30, 16GB for $60, and 32GB for $100, respectively.

Let me know if this article help you decide which one you will buy. I have both system, they have their own weaknesses and strengths. It’s up to you how you will use and enjoy the device on its full potential. Sometimes it is not on the hardware, rather on the game titles that you choose to play. Thanks for reading my gaming rumbling and see you on my next article.

Cooling system is a must for gaming PC specially for desktop because the processor gets really hot when the system need to accomplish multiple tasks at once. Processors will try to reach its maximum performance, thus generating more heat in the process and if not properly cooled could potentially harm your system.

I’m sure there’s already news about water-cooled gaming laptop but not so popular as of today. I’ve seen before, to be specific the Asus ROG GX700VO gaming laptop. Now the question which is better for desktop set-up?

First you must know the pros and cons of each cooler. Air-type coolers are much easier to install and they are bound to last as long are the fans/exhaust fans are working in pristine condition. The chance of having failure to this kind of set-up is very minimal as long as you can see the fans whether in push or pull configurations are working, then your computer is safe. These type of coolers are also affordable and would just costs you as less than as $20 up to $150 for the most awesome air cooling tower for your computer.

On the other hand, water cooling system are aesthetically good-looking, quieter than air cooler, and can match even the tower cooler in terms of cooling capacity. The drawbacks that I can see is that even on maintenance free or DIY kits, there’s still a chance of these cooler to have a leakage which can potentially damage the whole component. Another thing is the price for these coolers is way more expensive compared to air cooler, but then again can give your PC a new look and feel that every visitors will appreciate. Lastly, for beginners they can be troublesome to install, but as long you are reading and following the manual then you can avoid problems in the future.

These debate is never ending discussion in the technology forums, groups, and blogs  where Intel fanboys and AMD fanatics keeps on explaining their each opinion. Yes there’s no problem with that, and that’s good actually so that these tech giants who design and develop processors will know where they can improve based from user feedback and suggestions.

Comparing the two is like comparing Android to iOS. It’s just a matter of preference, yes there are generations of Intel processors that are far way behind AMD’s built-in graphics which is powered by APU processors, but as Intel continuously develop processors they have found a way how to create a chip with great capabilities for gaming purpose like the Kabylake processors.

I have used AMD and Intel graphics before, but as their technology constantly improve you can’t say that this one is great all over the years or say it as general as you will definitely become biased without knowing the real score between them. That’s why there are benchmarks or scoring for this kind of technology, plus the user feedback where they can share the pros and cons, improvements of the product, costs saving, pricing per value, and many more. Those are just few of the many factors.

Before when you are on the budget size, you can always go through the AMD route, but as again because of their latest discoveries and updates with their product. Now the pricing become much similar, making hard decision for the consumers. On the other hand, you can’t always says that Intel is superior with AMD, specially with the recent announcements and released of their newest multi-core processors that can compete toe to toe with Intel’s flagship processors.

Again, it still depends on your preference. From the budget, to the looks of the system if you are purchasing laptop, added features, and so on. Be sure to read or watch unboxing videos and detailed reviews online and you will never go wrong.